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Brief Movie Review: War for the Planet of the Apes (2017)

This most recent installment (Apes III) of the reborn Planet of the Apes movie series is a mess.  As much as I would like to recommend it, I can’t. Through the years, I’ve observed three of the four varieties of … Continue reading

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Homage to Dian Fossey

By Elizabeth Royte, NG, Sep 2017 On an overcast morning, with temperatures in the mid-50s, it takes me nearly two hours to hike from the outskirts of Bisate [Rwanda] through calf-deep mud and shoulder-high nettles to the research site established … Continue reading

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Abilnino, Uganda, Movie Theater

Albilnino is a small Ugandan community located 4 kilometers off the Gulu-Kitgum highway. To say that Abilnino is an isolated, poor community would be a serious understatement. Because they want to see their children educated, the parents in the Abilnino … Continue reading

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Movie Review: “Highway to Dhampus”

This excellent movie had a limited release over this last weekend and extending into the week.  I encourage everyone to find and watch “Highway to Dhampus”.   It has romance, tragedy, relevance, and gorgeous scenery.  The Nepali actors are great, particularly … Continue reading

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Chauvet Cave: 36,000-Year-Old Movies?

by Chip Walker [1] In his book La Prehistoire du Cinema, filmmaker and archaeologist Marc Azema argues that some the Chauvet Cave artists (recently discovered cave in southern France) were the world’s first animators, and the artists’ superimposed images combined with … Continue reading

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“Wild” (2014): A Short Movie Review

Wild is a traditional road (or hiking trail) movie.  In some respects, it is similar to other excellent road movies like The Way and The Straight Story, only Wild is somewhat of a feminist tale and is rated R. I enjoyed this movie a lot.  And, … Continue reading

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“Fury” (2014, David Ayer Director): A Short Movie Review

Movies like “Fury” are necessary.  For a few brief moments, they remind us of the horrors of war.  Let’s face it, it is too easy for national politicians to send our children to war without totally understanding the social and … Continue reading

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