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Questions for Ray Kurzweil

Futurist (and transhumanist) Ray Kurzweil in Time maganzine (6 Dec 2010) provided answers to the following questions” Is it a mistake to use the events of the recent past as a method of predicting the future? Our intuition about the … Continue reading

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‘Dexter’ as Therapy

‘Dexter’ is still the best show on cable TV.  I first saw it on regular TV as a summertime replacement and became addicted.  Since I don’t have cable TV, I watch it on DVD and typically watch an 8-episode season in … Continue reading

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Cameron AZ (aka the Moon)

In the distance, we could see an expansive black lava flow and, behind it, there was an ancient volcanic crater.  As we passed over the lave flow, the NASA lunar simulation site came into view.  It was much more involved than we had … Continue reading

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Stephen Hawking on the Brain

Stephen Hawking in Time magazine (15 Nov 2010) responded to Elliot Giberson’s question “What do you believe happens to our consciousness after death?” as follows: I think the brain is essentially a computer and consciousness is like a computer program.  … Continue reading

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Snowy Evening Parked near Beaver, UT

My mother doesn’t travel very well anymore.  She is 90 and gets tired easily.  I decided I would pick her up in St. George and bring her to my place in Orem for Thanksgiving.  On Sunday morning (21 Nov 2010), … Continue reading

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Thoughts About Missionary Work

During my sojourn in the Franco-Belgian Mission in the 1960s, I read Henri Pirenne’s A History of Europe.  Pirenne’s description of England’s conversion to Christianity greatly impressed me: The conversion of England (596-655 AD) was a masterpiece of tact, reason and … Continue reading

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Low-Tech Training

Jay Reeves (The Associated Press) had the following published in the SLTrib (19 Nov 2010): Hundreds of people from about 85 countries have come to rural Alabama for training in the 31 years since the opening of Servants of Faith … Continue reading

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