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Book of Ecclesiastes Misinterpreted (by Me)

For years, one of the guiding principle in my life has been the Book of Ecclesiastes 11:1 (King James Version or KJV): Cast thy bread upon the waters: for thou shalt find it after many days. I took the passage … Continue reading

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LDS Church Needs a “Liberation Theology”

In 2009, the LDS Church added a fourth emphasis to its mission statement.  It added “to care for the poor and needy” to its threefold mission which was previously only to: teach the gospel to the world, strengthen the membership … Continue reading

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Mormon Transhumanists . . . What is Our Responsibility?

In a clarion call, Dr. Miriam Leis calls on transhumanists to get more involved in politics, business management, and perhaps even ecclesiastical hierarchies.  She starts out by describing the “sad” state-of-affairs: Although many transhumanist ideas may sound disruptive and revolutionary … Continue reading

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“The Drop”: A Movie Review

The Drop is a great movie, but it is definitely for adults because of subject matter, language, and some violence.  The movie gets its name from the expression “drop bar,” a covert place for funneling cash to local gangsters.  The excellent … Continue reading

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“A Most Wanted Man”: A Short Movie Review

The 2014 spy thriller A Most Wanted Man is very much the product of a perfect storm.  It has a talented director in Anton Corbijn and a great lead actor in Philip Seymour Hoffman (the last movie he completed before dying from … Continue reading

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Establishing LDS Boundaries in the Digital Age

By David F. Holland (from Harvard Divinity School) If you read Kate Kelly’s letter of excommunication from her bishop, it is rather clear that in the bishop’s mind she was not disciplined for holding the view that women should be … Continue reading

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Premium Rush: A Movie Review

I liked the movie Premium Rush more than I thought I would.  I wondered how they could make an interesting movie where the principal action is bike riding in New York City?  While the director and actors pull it off, the movie was … Continue reading

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