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Recommended Motels/Inns/Lodges in Southeastern Utah

Southeastern Utah (Four Corners Area) is a beautiful place to visit.  There are some fun motels and bed-and-breakfasts (B&B) in the area.  Here are six that I would recommend (and have stayed in): Grist Mill Inn:  This B&B in Monticello … Continue reading

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Lower Antelope Canyon

Updated:  28 Apr 2014 The Saturday before Easter (2014), my extended family and I visited Lower Antelope, a slot canyon with phantasmagoric sandstone cork-screws, located just outside of Page AZ.  Through the years, I’ve been in a variety of sandstone … Continue reading

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120,000 LDS Children Are Malnourished

Updated:  26 Apr 2014 Robert A. Rees, vice-president of the Liahona Children’s Foundation, recently described the problem of malnutrition among LDS children from around the world: 120,000 LDS children are malnourished; Malnourished children often suffer significant decreases in permanent brain … Continue reading

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Searching for God While Wandering in Dark

Updated:  26 Apr 2014 From the moment God declared, “Let there be light,” the Christian, Jewish, and Islamic scriptures have anointed light as holy and condemned darkness as evil. For this reason, most seekers of religious truth spend their time … Continue reading

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Volcanic Plugs and Dikes in the Northern Navajo Nation

The geological formations that get the most press in southern Utah are the sandstone spires, buttes, and columns of Monument Valley (and to a lesser extent Valley of the Gods).  But equally impressive are the volcanic plugs (necks) and dikes … Continue reading

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I’m a Victim of “Hastening the Work”

Updated:  15 Apr 2014 It’s Thursday night.  My wife is at an Orem Chorale practice, so I’m home alone.  I’m 3/4th of the way through a British who-done-it showing on the local PBS channel.  There is a ring at the … Continue reading

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Bishop Gary E. Stevenson and Getting Our “Medal”

Updated:  11 Apr 2014 I’m uncomfortable with the idea that we should do things for the reward.  It might work for the Olympics, but I’m not sure it works for life and religion.  For this reason, I’m uncomfortable with Gary E. Stevenson’s … Continue reading

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