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Helping Bridge the Digital Divide in Uganda

Working with the Interethnic Health Alliance (a SLC-based NGO), we have been working with 2 junior schools in Uganda to introduce them to and give them experience with computer and Internet technologies. The first effort was at Queen of Peace … Continue reading

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All About Me

In my autobiography, I describe myself as an introverted agnostic Mormon with anarcho-transhumanist and environmentalist tendencies. I’ve more recently described myself as a curmudgeonly cynical optimist.  But I don’t think that is completely accurate.  Check the following definitions: curmudgeon:  crusty, … Continue reading

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My Personal Concept of God

I’m not much of a theist, I’m more of an agnostic.  But if there is a God, this is a description I could believe in: [Prominent Process Theologian] John B. Cobb Jr. has not shied away even from re-imaging what … Continue reading

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LDS Church as an Automobile, Enhancing the Analogy

In a recent podcast, John Dehlin analogized the LDS Church to a car (the below quotes are taken from Let’s just say that the Mormon church in the 21st century is kinda like an automobile…it drives around; it gets … Continue reading

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History’s Seven Worst Ideas and/or Inventions?

According to a nonscientific survey of professionals by Paul A. Offit, the worst historic ideas and/or inventions are (extracted from NG, June 2017): 4,000 BC:  the Sumerians discovered “the plant of joy,” which gave birth to a class of drugs … Continue reading

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Will the Rate of Technological Progress Continue to Accelerate?

My brother, an economist at the University of Chicago, during a recent presentation at Utah State University on risk and uncertainty, quoted two scholars about the future of technology: First, Joel Mokyr (2013), economic historian at Northwestern University who specializes … Continue reading

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Mormons and Scripture Literalism

By Farside [1] [Many Mormons are] reading the scriptures as if they were written by 21st Century Americans who were schooled in historiography and who placed a premium on getting their facts straight.  They were not and they did not. … Continue reading

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Maasai and Cell Phone Technology

By Daniel Stone [1] The Maasai people of Kenya and Tanzania live a semi-nomadic, pastoral life, seeking out areas of fresh pasture and building enclosures to protect their livestock. For cultural anthropologists who wonder how off-the-grid people are being changed … Continue reading

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Open Message to LDS Church Leaders: It’s Time to Clean Up the Mess

The last few years have been rough ones for the LDS Church’s top leaders and PR department.  The Internet has made controlling the message impossible.  Mormon “history” is evolving into verifiable history, instead of sanitized propaganda.  And our theology has … Continue reading

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3D Printing: Innovation at Risk from Regulation

by Larry Downes, Special to the Washington Post Rapid price deflation for industrial prototyping has led investors to bet heavily on the consumer-oriented 3D printers that can make fully function items–including, perhaps in the not to distant future, food, electronic … Continue reading

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