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Water Treatment: Forward Osmosis

Osmosis is the transport of water across a selectively permeable membrane from a region of higher water chemical potential to a region of lower water chemical potential.  And Forward Osmosis (FO), according to Wikipedia is:    . . . an … Continue reading

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Water and Energy Modules for Navajo Outposts

On August 12th, I was given a tour of a solar-powered water and energy supply module designed to provide modern amenities for Navajos living in isolated locales in the Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico.  The demonstration unit was designed and … Continue reading

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Science and Mormonism

On 22 Sep 2011, John Welch, the Robert K. Thomas professor of law and editor-in-chief at BYU Studies, gave the 12th annual Summerhays lecture at BYU.  I’ve been unable to find the text of his speech, but I did find Emma … Continue reading

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Mormon Intellectualism: An Oxymoron?

In an op-ed piece published in the SLTrib (25 Sep 2011) by Gary James Bergera, the author states: Mormon intellectualism is sometimes half-humorously dismissed as an oxymoron.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  Although the relationship can be rocky, … Continue reading

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Water Conservation: Toilet-to-Tap Taboo

On a recent Saturday Night Live skit (23 Sep 2011), Steve Martin interrupted an Alec Baldwin monologue to tell him he needed a steroid test before he could host the program.  Alec goes behind a screen and comes back with … Continue reading

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Questions: The Book of Mormon (the Book)

The entire October 2011 edition of the Ensign magazine is dedicated to The Book of Mormon.  One section toward the back of the magazine is titled:  “Common Questions about the Book of Mormon.”  My question about this article (and all the … Continue reading

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Kirby and the Biblical Creation Story

The following is a couple of paragraphs from a Robert Kirby column (SLTrib 22 Sep 2011): Call me a skeptic, but today I don’t accept much of the biblical stuff about the creation of the Earth and human beings. Not … Continue reading

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