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The Best Gifts

By William MacAskill, Co-founder of the Effective Altruism Movement [1] Giving gifts to loved ones is great; it’s a rewarding way to spread joy and strengthen friendships and family ties.  But at this time of year I’m always reminded of … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas Everyone

On 10 Dec 2014, I attended the Christmas Concert of the Orem Chorale.  One of the feature songs was Carole of Joy by Dan Forrest: You who are lonely, laden, forlorn:/Now unto you a Savior is born! On this Christmas, lets … Continue reading

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LDS Church Mags Get One Right

I’ve generally been critical of LDS Church magazines.  As one blogger noted, “they are the most widely subscribed to magazines that nobody reads.” However, in the most recent edition (April 2014) of the Ensign there is an article by Neil K. … Continue reading

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Mixed Income Housing

by Allen Leigh, contributor reported on a paper by Peabody and University of Chicago researchers in a new report titled “Making Mixed-Income Neighborhoods Work for Low-Income Households.” The paper was written by researchers from Peabody and the  University of … Continue reading

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Helping The Poor Obtain Food

by Allen Leigh, contributor has an interesting but different article about helping the poor obtain food. Usually, that site has articles reporting on scientific research, but this article is more of an editorial comment.  The article is titled “Know … Continue reading

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Gems from the Ensign Magazine

Below are quotes are from the Sep 2013 edition of the LDS Ensign magazine.  The first is from President Dieter F. Uchtdorf, Second Councilor in the First Presidency: My wife Harriet and I were in West Africa, a beautiful part of the … Continue reading

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Government Aid and Self-Reliance

by Allen Leigh, contributor The Deseret News has an interesting article about people receiving government aid for food (food stamps). The couple outlined in the article would like to get off government aid, and they are saving towards that end. … Continue reading

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