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Teach Your Children Well

The following appeared in BYU Magazine/Spring 2010.  It’s an article from the Family Focus section written by M. Sue Bergin.  Bergin highlights the need to teach our children (or in my case grandchildren) about other religions.

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Saving the World

There has been a lot of discussion lately about the role of religion.  This subject was thrust into the limelight by none other than Mormon convert Glenn Beck who outrageously stated that if a religion has “social justice” in its mission statement, … Continue reading

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Duality . . . A Book Synopsis

In the March 2010 Sunstone Magazine, Stephen R. Carter provides a wonderful synopsis/review of the a Nick Hornby book: “The story is about Katie (How to Be Good ), a general practitioner married with two children.  Her husband, David has an ill-paying … Continue reading

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Something New Under the Sun

The following short notice by Mark Jenkins appeared in NG (Apr 2010) concerning an easily, low-tech water treatment procedure: “Retrieve a discarded water bottle.  Tear off the label and fill with any water that’s not too murky from a creek, standpipe, … Continue reading

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