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Inexpensive, Semi-permanent Housing for Developing Countries

According to a recent article in Time magazine (7 Jul 2014): “So many people don’t own the land they’re living on,” say veteran architect Doug Sharp of the millions living around the world squatting in informal settlements like refugee camps.  They don’t … Continue reading

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Power, Water and Shade for Navajo Country

Over the last few years, my colleagues and I have constructed a wide variety of water harvesting systems in the Navajo Nations.  The majority of these have been installed for families living in remote locations where they have no piped … Continue reading

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Mormonism Needs a Liberation Theology

With the recent election of a new Catholic Pope, who has taken the name Francis, there is a renewed interest in a Catholic movement that was popular in the 1960s and ’70s called “liberation theology.” Liberation theology arose as a … Continue reading

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Le Corbusier’s Maison Dom-Ino

German architect Valentin Gontjes van Beek and students from the Architecture Association in London have built a full-scale model of Le Corbusier’s seminal Maison Dom-Ino.  The structure was constructed in the Giardini of the Venice Biennale.  The AA wanted to … Continue reading

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Establishing LDS Boundaries in the Digital Age

By David F. Holland (from Harvard Divinity School) If you read Kate Kelly’s letter of excommunication from her bishop, it is rather clear that in the bishop’s mind she was not disciplined for holding the view that women should be … Continue reading

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Comments about Mormon Missions, Part X (Tim Torkildson)

By Sara Phelps and Tim Torkildson (for the Deseret News) After a few years of working as a professional clown, [Tim] Torkildson put his career on hold to serve an LDS mission in Bangkok, Thailand.  Here he developed a love … Continue reading

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Clayton Christensen, Why Are You Retreating?

Clayton Christensen, Harvard Business School Professor and innovation guru, has found himself in a bit of hot water over a published article in the journal Nautilus.  According to the journal: Christensen [a Mormon] says he realizes that same sex attraction and … Continue reading

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Otterson, What Are You Thinking?

Michael Otterson, Managing Director of Public Affairs for the LDS Church, continues to make one strange move after another.  Here are just three that I find difficult to swallow: Blaming Down:  In many bureaucracies, it is standard behavior to blame … Continue reading

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Who Deserves LDS Church Censure More?

The LDS Church has two very different groups making the news.  One is largely male and one largely female.  Which one deserves censure more? Ordain Women:  This group, largely made up of women, is asking that the LDS Church consider … Continue reading

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A Suggested Name Change for “Ordain Women”

Since LDS Church leaders feel that the “Ordain Women” or “OW” organization is being too strident, I would like to suggest some possible name changes that would make the group look less demanding, and allow its members to maintain their … Continue reading

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