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“Becoming Like God”: Personal Comments

Updated:  2 Mar 2014 In a recent Mormon encyclical, there is a fairly detailed discussion on the subject of “Becoming Like God.”  The posting is under “General Topics” at  I find the discussion generally well done: Latter-day Saints see … Continue reading

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“Bad Words” Are in the News Again

The NFL is currently looking at penalizing a team when if any of their players use the n-word (15 yards for unsportsman-like conduct).  Seventy percent of the NFL is black and apparently most of the offenders are blacks trashing  talking … Continue reading

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Lars Peter Hansen (Brother) Featured in the Deseret News

There was an excellent article by Lee Benson in Sunday’s Deseret News about my brother Lars Peter Hansen (Nobel Prize laureate in economics).  The following is from the Q&A session: DN:  What was the [Nobel Prize] ceremony like in Sweden? … Continue reading

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Philomena: A Movie Review

I love movies like Philomena that are investigative in nature without an overt criminal act.  In addition, the two main actors–Judi Dench and Steve Coogan–are outstanding.  Dench has been nominated for a 2013 Best Actress Oscar.  But Coogan is equally good.  The … Continue reading

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The Vastness and Diversity of the Universe

A recent newspaper article reminded me of the vastness and diversity of the universe.  According to When astronomers turn to the skies in search of life on other planets, they’re usually looking for places like Earth. What if another … Continue reading

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Frozen and The LEGO Movie: Comments and Reviews

Last week, I took two grandsons to see The LEGO Movie and two granddaughters to see Frozen.  (In retrospect, I wish it had been the other way around.)  While I enjoyed both movies (and both got great reviews), I liked Frozen far more than I … Continue reading

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Drums and Drumming in Uganda

In Uganda, there are a lot of roadside merchants.  They hawk all kinds of locally-grown food and handmade wares.  Of the non-food items, there is a rich variety of items including:  loofas, three-legged stools, furniture, and drums. Ugandans love to … Continue reading

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