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Noah’s Flood, A Biblical Myth

I recently had the pleasure (lol) of watching a dated Christian “documentary” about a group of gentlemen with too much time and money looking for Noah’s Ark.  They started looking high on Mt. Ararat (in eastern Turkey) and then moved … Continue reading

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Mormon(s) of the Year: 2012

I would like to nominate for “Mormons of the Year 2012” all those LDS politicians who continue to embarass us on a regular basis.  Here is a partial list: Senator Mike Lee:  For selling out to his mortgage company (he was bought … Continue reading

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Comments about Mormon Missions, Part VIII (J. Golden Kimball)

According to a article by Pat Bagley in the sltrib (22 Dec 2012): When [J. Golden Kimball’s] mother asked him to go on a mission when he turned 30 — still footloose and relishing his freedom — he demurrred.  But he loved … Continue reading

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What to Wear to Church?

The recent “Wear Pants to Church Day” got me thinking about what Mormons should wear to church services. I realize the point of women wearing pants was not to encourage “dressing down.”  But rather to illuminate the issue of gender … Continue reading

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Decision-making in the LDS Church

Nate Oman has created quite a discussion concerning the appropriate decision-making mechanism for a top-down hierarchy like that in the LDS Church.  He makes a case for a slow and deliberate process that brings along Mormon conservatives.  In a follow-up … Continue reading

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Comments about Mormon Missions, Part VII (Sam Brunson)

The following Mormon mission story appeared in (14 Dec 2012): Tigre–a karate instructor and recent convert–had been baptized a few weeks before I arrived in the area. . . .  As a result of his joining the Church, Tigre … Continue reading

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Mammoth (the Animal) Event in Bluff Utah

In Bluff UT, during the winter solstice (21 Dec 2012), the town’s folk are going to burn a 16-foot-tall mammoth in effigy.  The mammoth will be burned at 8 pm in a ceremony complete with flaming spears to set the “mammoth” … Continue reading

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