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Bidibidi: A New Concept for Refugee Settlement?

By Nina Strochlic (NG, April) Bidibidi, with a quarter million people living in many villages in northwestern Uganda, is the second largest refugee camp in the world, after the Rohingya camp in Bangladesh.  [To create the camp,] a forest was … Continue reading

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Blackboards and Benches Provided for Rwenzori Mtn Schools

The schools in the Rwenzori Mtns, in southwestern Uganda, are extremely primitive.  To help improve conditions, Playgrounds Everywhere (a Utah-based NGO) contracted with KAAYGO, a woodworking training shop in Kyarumba, to make blackboards and benches for the schools.  The job … Continue reading

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LDS Teachings on Obedience and Initiative

The latest Ensign mag (April, 2019) has an interesting article titled: “Instrument or Agents” by Lloyd Newell.  It concerns walking the line between blind obedience and initiative taking.  It starts by quoting 2 LDS scriptures: I will make an instrument of … Continue reading

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Cyclone Hits Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique

In 2017, a friend Bret Berger and I spent several days in Gorongosa National Park, in northern Mozambique.  The park is directed by Greg Carr, a high school acquaintance of Bret’s.  Northern Mozambique was recently devastated by murderous cyclone (Stephen … Continue reading

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How Important Is It to Obey Laws and/or Rules?

I respect the fictional Robin Hood.  In a system skewed toward the rich, how far should we go (in the way of rule breaking) to assist the poor, damaged, incapacitated, mentally afflicted, etc. I tend to push the system.  But … Continue reading

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LDS Church Leaders: Please Fix These Problems

There are problems that continue to fester in the Church.  Despite a continuous barrage of negative newspaper articles, blog posts, TV stories, etc., many of them in the national press, nothing changes.  The following problems need to be resolved now, … Continue reading

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Traveling with My Grandchildren

I’ve traveled with my grandchildren a lot, sometimes with their parent(s), but frequently without. All of my experiences have been great. On my most recent expedition, my grandson James and I traveled to Jacksonville, Florida, to explore the local game … Continue reading

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