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On the Road in Peru: Between Urubamba and Calca

There are spectacular views of the snow-covered jagged mountain peaks between Urubamba and Calca.  While commuting, I stopped and took a couple of photographs.

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Another Day Installing Playgrounds in Peru

Yesterday, the weather was perfect, clear with a few fluffy clouds.  An excellent day for installing playgrounds at remote Quechua village schools. The first installation was in the village of Ocutuan.  Here we installed a swing set, climbing tower, and … Continue reading

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LDS Church Should Fire Its Lawyers and . . . .

I’m disgusted with the LDS Church’s lawyers, lobbyists, and PR personnel.  Why can’t the Church leadership look at issues from a Christ-centered perspective and do what’s right?  Tithing money is being wasted, and for the most part, these consultants are … Continue reading

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Arrington Question: Why is the LDS Church Bureaucracy so UnChristlike?

The LDS Church has a very top-down management system.  But management’s relations with employees has not always been very Christlike.  One example of this phenomenon can be found in the Leonard Arrington archives: It is normal for an employee to … Continue reading

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