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Give Said the Little Stream

In a recent BYU/Magazine (Summer 2009) there is a thought-provoking article titled:  “Why Giving Matters”.  The author — Arthur C. Brooks, a non-Mormon — makes the case that it is financially rewarding to give in a charitable way.  While I found reading … Continue reading

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Messing with Mother Nature

I’ve always been impressed with real-time monitoring and control technologies and their ability to improve conditions on the earth.  But I had never fully thought through where these technologies might be headed long-term.  One possibility is:  they are paving the way … Continue reading

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A Cathartic Experience?

I just gave my employer 40 hours (5 working days) that I can never get back.  My sentence:  Manditory supervisory training.  The upside:  It gave me a lot of time to contemplate my “philosophy” of management . . . and … Continue reading

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The Good Samaritan

On June 12, represenatives from several NGOs and I arrived in Kampala, Uganda.  Our plane trip took way too long:  4 separate flights that covered 4 continents and took 48 nearly-sleepless hours.  Our Africa hotel was overbooked, so a friend and … Continue reading

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