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Good Works, but Little Faith

Since I find religious faith so difficult, I found the following quote from Jonathan Malesic on interesting: Going back to Christianity’s origins, Paul taught that it was . . .  faith, not deeds, that made a Christian worthy of … Continue reading

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Huntsville UT Monastery to Close

According to the Associated Press: A northern Utah man has bought the land where a monastery is closing after 70 years in hopes of preventing future development and preserving the legacy of the landmark. Bill White of Huntsville purchased Abbey … Continue reading

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Pay LDS Tithing or Feed Your Family?

General Authorities need to be careful about the advice they give members during General Conference.  Suggesting that tithing should be paid before feeding your family is NOT good policy. In April 2017 General Conference, the following advice was given: After … Continue reading

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Parshall Proposal: LDS Gospel Topic Essays on Science

Somewhat hidden in the comments on is an important suggestion by Ardis E. Parshall:  that LDS Church leaders provide a set of gospel topic essays on science and Mormonism.  Parshall’s OP was in reaction to some bogus “science” presentations … Continue reading

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LDS Leadership Issues Statement on Homelessness

The First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has authorized the release of the following statement: Homelessness is a tragic condition that afflicts individuals and even families in many places, including Utah. The causes are varied, … Continue reading

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LDS Church: Who’s at the Helm of the Ship?

Things continue to be crazy with the LDS Church.  First, there’s LDS Philanthropies who: . . . published a video featuring a father who said that if his sons continued to follow church teachings, they would keep their inheritance, but … Continue reading

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Following Past, Present and Future Prophets of the LDS Church

The following quote was brought to my attention by Daniel C. Peterson at Sic et Non.  He links to J. Max Wilson’s blog: I’ve noticed a troubling parallel among some progressive members of the church: Rejecting living prophets in favor … Continue reading

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