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Pay LDS Tithing or Feed Your Family?

General Authorities need to be careful about the advice they give members during General Conference.  Suggesting that tithing should be paid before feeding your family is NOT good policy. In April 2017 General Conference, the following advice was given: After … Continue reading

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History and the Nutritional Value of Alcohol

By Andrew Curry, Writer [1] People drank the stuff (alcohol) for the same reasons primates ate fermented fruit:  because it [made them feel good and because] it was good for them.  Yeasts produce ethanol as a form of chemical warfare–it’s … Continue reading

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Medieval Nutrition and Its Effect on the Peasantry

As an undergraduate at Brigham Young University, I majored in history, with a strong interest in the social history of the Middle Ages.  My father was a biochemist with a specialty in nutrition.  So with suggestions from him, it was … Continue reading

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The Best Gifts

By William MacAskill, Co-founder of the Effective Altruism Movement [1] Giving gifts to loved ones is great; it’s a rewarding way to spread joy and strengthen friendships and family ties.  But at this time of year I’m always reminded of … Continue reading

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The Promise of Biotechnology

Sebastian Pereira in a wonderful post on writes about the horrible impacts of malnutrition.  My father was a biochemist and nutritionist, and this is a subject that was very dear to his heart.  He went on several nutritional surveys … Continue reading

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Genetically Modified Crops: The Next Green Revolution?

In 2010, my brother Ted–a PhD biologist–and I had the opportunity to talk briefly to Robert Zeigler, Director General of the International Rice Research Institute.  The IRRI had just been given an award by the Spanish-based BBVA Foundation for their … Continue reading

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Eating Insects for Their Protein

The United Nations is encouraging the consumption of insects.  Kelsey Nowakowski (NG Sep 2014) explains why: As incomes rise in developing countries, so too does the demand for meat.  But raising livestock uses a lot of resources.  Eating insects–already common … Continue reading

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