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Stephen R. Covey’s Conformity Model Sucks

Years ago, I was required to attend a 3-day Stephen R. Covey workshop (taught by one of his minions). It was a followup to his highly successful 7-Habits workshop. At the time, Stephen had just been named by Time as … Continue reading

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Traveling with My Grandchildren

This year has been fun.  I’ve had the privilege to travel extensively with 4 of my grandchildren, and make short trips with 4 others. In the Spring, a grandson James, traveled with a friend and I to the Navajo Reservation. … Continue reading

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Installing Swing Sets in the Rwenzori Mountains

While in Uganda in July of this year, my family and locals started the installation of a swing set at a small school (Lower Kalonge) in the Rwenzori Mountains (aka Mountains of the Moon) above Kasese.  Getting the swing parts to … Continue reading

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Designing a DIY Teeter Totter (Seesaw)

When constructing a DIY teeter totter, proportions are important.   We recommend that the height of the pivot be approximately 30 inches above the ground.  The length the teeter totter works well at 10 feet.  The wooden beam is 2 … Continue reading

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Outdoor Musical Instruments for Schools and Playgrounds

On a recent trip to the Four-corners region of the western United States, a friend and I stopped at the headquarters of Freenotes Harmony Park, a manufacturer of outdoor percussive instruments.  They are located in the tourist mecca of Durango, … Continue reading

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The Andes Are Alive with the Sound of Music

The historic colonial city of Cuzco, Peru, is located high in the Andes Mountains, almost 10,000 feet above sea level.  The surrounding mountains hide indigenous villages with small community schools.  In an effort to encourage Quechua children to attend school, … Continue reading

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Types of Playground Equipment that We Install Around the World

We install a variety of playground equipment.  Our most popular item is a swing set. This same general modular model can be used to construct larger swing sets. Instead of seats, an old tire can be used. You can also … Continue reading

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