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“Qat” (Khat) on a Hot Tin Roof

I love to play Scrabble, but I’m not very good.  My friends and work colleagues routinely outplay me.  But I play on.  In Scrabble, there are only a few “q” words that don’t require the vowel “u”.  One of those … Continue reading

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We Gather Together

It would seem to me in this electronic age, the traditional committee and/or staff meeting is becoming outmoded.  The evening of November 1, I attended a small gathering of individuals to listen to a lecture on Mormonism and the environment.  After … Continue reading

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Glitterless Gold

On “60 Minutes” a couple of Sundays ago, they had a story about gold mining in eastern–almost lawless–Congo.  Because of my obsession with nearby Uganda, the story was very much of interest.  And the story is very topical right now with the … Continue reading

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Dear Elder Oaks

In response to your speech of October 13, 2009, at BYU-Idaho, I will not be joining you in the “march” against Prop 8 proponents.  I realize that “there is a battle underway,” but I am on the other side, along with … Continue reading

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Notes About Foreign Assistance

The following is an quoted from the book “Mountain Beyond Mountains:” “Farmer (Paul) was learning about the great importance of water to public health, and he was conceiving a great fondness for technology in general, also scorn for ‘the Luddite trap.’  … Continue reading

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Modern-day Robbin Hoods

The book “The Moral Underground” was recently given a short review in Time Magazine (Dec. 14, p. 23).  In her book, Lisa Dodson (BC sociology prof.) paints a rather dismal image of corporate America, who she feels is building wealth by abusing low-income workers.  “Helping … Continue reading

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