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Concerns About Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)

The recent National Geographic magazine has a lengthy article on drones (or unmanned aerial vehicles).  At the end, there is a discussion of two of the primary concerns with UAVs, particularly civilian applications. The first concern is with safety.  For example, a UAV … Continue reading

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Changing Demographics of the LDS Church

According to an newspaper article by Joseph Walker (DN 22 Feb 2013): The [LDS] Church is opening 58 new missions in July [in part to accommodate the large influx of new missionaries caused by the recent lowering of age limits], … Continue reading

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Bonobos: “R-rated” Apes

It used to be that boys peeked in National Geographic magazine to see topless tribal women in Africa and South America.  Now the magazine has an “R-rated” article.  And the subject of the article is:  bonobos, what else?  Bonobos are a close relative of … Continue reading

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“The Impossible:” A Movie Review

Before I get started with my review of the movie The Impossible, I need to state that I recommend this movie.  It made me think:  What would I do in similar circumstances?  Particularly, if I was the father.  But the movie … Continue reading

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Replacements for Human Body Parts

According to an article by Alexandra Sifferlin titled:  “He, Robot:  The high-tech future of the human body” in Time magazine (15 Feb 2013): He sees, he walks, his heart pumps blood.  But Rex, as he’s called in the U.K., where … Continue reading

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The Handmade Soccer Balls of Africa

A recent photo essay titled Joy is Round in NG (Feb 2013) displayed some of the amazing homemade soccer balls that are ubiquitous in Africa.  The wonderful photographs are by Jessica Hilltout and the short accompanying written piece is by Jeremy Berlin.  The article starts out:  “On fields throughout Africa, … Continue reading

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Am I a Syncretist, an Agnostic, or Just a “None”?

The fastest growing religious category in America is “None,” or no affiliation.  I think I could be comfortable there.  Although, I generally categorize myself as an “agnostic” with a long Mormon heritage.  Even though “syncretist” has a generally negative connotation, I … Continue reading

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