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Updated:  9 Aug 2014

A few years ago I saw the movie Bucket List, and loved it.  So I decided to make out my own bucket list, places I want to visit and things I want to do before I die.  Being almost 70 has added increased urgency to my pilgrimages:


  • Congo (northeastern), Okapi National Park
  • Congo (southern) looking for bonobos
  • Ethiopia (northern), Lake Tana monasteries and other Christian locale

Middle East

  • Egypt (eastern), St. Catherine’s and St. Anthony’s monasteries
  • Iran (eastern), Qanat Museum and Persepolis
  • Iraq (southern), Marsh Arabs (possible contact:  Nature Iraq)
  • Jordan (western), Petra
  • Turkey (eastern), Armenia, Georgia (ancient Christian churches)
Ruins of Ancient Armenian Churches in Ani (Located in Present-day Turkey)

Ruins of Ancient Armenian Churches in Ani (Located in Present-day Turkey)

  • Yemen (island), Socotra Island (unique environment)


  • China and Pakistan, Karakoram Highway from Kashgar to Abbottabad
  • India (southern), “Backwater,” Kerala
  • Uzbekistan (western), Savitsky Art Collection, Nukus


  • France (western), Notre Dame du Haut (Le Corbusier, architect), Ronchamp
  • Greece (northeastern), Mt Athos monasteries
  • Russia (eastern), Kizhi Island, Lake Onega, Novgorod, wooden churches
  • Scotland, Orkney Islands, Neolithic archaeological sites
  • Spain (northeastern), Basilica of the Holy Family, Barcelona
  • Spain (northern), finish the Santiago de Compostela pilgrimage route
A Wooden Church on Kizhi Island, Russia

A Wooden Church on Kizhi Island, Russia

South America

  • Bolivia, salt flats and lakes of the southern Altiplano
Salt Flats of Bolivia's Southern Altiplano

Salt Flats of Bolivia’s Southern Altiplano

  • Ecuador and Peru, upper Amazon and Galapagos Islands [accomplished]

Anyone interested in traveling with me?

3 Responses to bucket list

  1. I am always game for an adventure

  2. fitlyframed says:

    Great list. May your journey be joyful. As a former military and commercial pilot, with assignments and travels in many lands, I am finding that places on the earth – like belongings I am sorting through after a cross-country move – have greatest meaning from the souls with whom I share them. My pilgrimage bucket list is therefore growing to be more precisely about the souls with whom I spend sacred time connecting, especially in person wherever we may be.

    • rogerdhansen says:

      You are right. Sightseeing is frequently less exciting than the adventure and the people that you meet up with (the in-country friends that you make and the friends that you travel with). There is nothing like going on a good pilgrimage.

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