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Utah Artist Laura Romero

While in Salinas CA, I spent 3 enjoyable hours in the Steinbeck Center.  The small museum is very well laid out and very informative, and highly recommended, particularly for those who enjoy the writing of Nobel-Laureate John Steinbeck. After thoroughly … Continue reading

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Gun Control: It’s Time for LDS Leadership to Speak Out

A few months ago, I was refueling in Kanab UT.   A pickup truck pulling a horse trailer pulled up to the pump next to mine.  Out jumped an elderly rancher and a younger man; the latter was dressed up … Continue reading

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LDS Church Leaders Choose to Ignore the Dalai Lama

The world’s foremost proponent of religious freedom and peace, and the spiritual leader of the Tibetan people, is scheduled to be in Salt Lake this week.  Are LDS top leaders planning to meet with him?  According to Peggy Fletcher Stack … Continue reading

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Responsibility of Membership in the LDS Church

If we agree that our religious leaders–prophets, popes, archbishops, rabbis–are fallible, we must deal with the issue of:  What are our responsibilities when we believe they have erred?  This is a particularly cogent issue when a religion believes in personal … Continue reading

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Stop Shooting Gorillas, Grant Them Personhood Rights

Humans are classified by biologists as Great Apes, along with orangutans, gorillas, chimpanzees, and bonobos.  Geneticists inform us that we humans share 98 percent of our DNA with chimps. Yet all the Great Apes, besides humans, are in jeopardy.  They … Continue reading

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Arrington: Four Practices I Would Like to See the LDS Church Cease

By Peggy Fletcher Stack [1] The late Mormon historian Leonard Arrington not only documented the faith’s past, he also yearned to shape its future. Gregory A. Prince’s new biography, Leonard Arrington and the Writing of Mormon History, reveals a 1990s … Continue reading

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Installing Swing Sets in the Cuzco and Sacred Valley Areas of Peru

Two years ago, several of my family members and I were in Cuzco and the adjacent Sacred Valley.  At the end of our tour, our guide and his brother–Willow and David Torres–helped us fabricate and install a swing set at … Continue reading

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