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Drones Assisting Aid and Service Organizations

By Nina Strochlic, (abridged from NG, Jun 2017) Drones were created as a tool of combat:  Militaries use them to spy and even to assassinate.  But as with so much military technology, unmanned aerial vehicles are becoming consumer items.  Recently … Continue reading

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Spectacular Aerial Photographs of Murchison Falls, Uganda

Toward the end of Jan 2015, my son-in-law and grandson flew our Phantom 2 drone over Murchison Falls, on the Nile River in northwestern Uganda.

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Flying a Drone Over Uganda

On a recent trip to Uganda, I took my DJI Phantom 2 Vision drone (equipped with a video camera) with me.  I wanted to demonstrate possible applications of the aerial technology to developing country problems and needs.  Possible of uses … Continue reading

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Photographs of Quito Hotel Taken from Our Drone

On a recent trip to South America, my grandson and I had a 24-hour layover in Quito, Ecuador.  We stayed at the Hosteria San Carlos, a small hotel located near the airport.  We took the occasion to test our newly … Continue reading

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Tipon: An Inca Irrigation Masterwork

While in Cusco, Peru, our group took a taxi into the mountains above the city.  Located above 11,000 feet, is the archaeological site Tipon which served as an estate for Inca nobility.  According to Kenneth Wright (WE&T, Sep 2008): Tipon … Continue reading

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Concerns About Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)

The recent National Geographic magazine has a lengthy article on drones (or unmanned aerial vehicles).  At the end, there is a discussion of two of the primary concerns with UAVs, particularly civilian applications. The first concern is with safety.  For example, a UAV … Continue reading

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Inexpensive Unmanned Aerial Survey Aircraft

Thursday of last week (4 Oct 2012), I spent part of a day with the AggieAir Flying Circus, a Utah State University group that is demonstrating the utility of using inexpensive model airplanes to do aerial survey work.  This research activity was … Continue reading

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