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Robert Kirby on “Obedience” vs “Cooperation”

In Saturday’s “Faith” section of The Salt Lake Tribune (30 Nov 2013) is a wonderful column by humorist and theologian Robert Kirby.  (For my money, he is Mormonism’s best definer.)  The column is titled “Why it’s better to cooperate than to … Continue reading

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Mormon Bishop Dons Homeless Disguise

A Mormon bishop–David Musselman–from Taylorsville, Utah put on a homeless disguise and then attended his church meetings on Sunday.  USA Today reports that “five people asked [him] to leave the church property, some gave him money, and most were indifferent.” … Continue reading

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LDS Article on Africa Disappoints

In the December 2013 Ensign magazine, an official publication of the LDS Church, there is an article titled:  “Africa:  Continent of Bright Hope” by staff writer Richard M. Romney.  From a reader’s perspective, it is poorly written.  It is nothing more than … Continue reading

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Which International Church Leader Said These Things?

A major international church leader recently made the following statements? I prefer a church which is bruised, hurting and dirty because it has been out on the streets, rather than a church which is unhealthy from being confined and from … Continue reading

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Press Clippings About Lars Peter Hansen

With the recent news that my youngest brother will be receiving a Nobel Prize in economics has come a great deal of press coverage.  The following is from Lars Peter Hansen, 61, of the University of Chicago economics department, … Continue reading

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Africa’s Fight Against Disease

The most recent (24 Nov 2013) has an op-ed piece by Devon C. Hale, assistant dean for international medical education at the University of Utah, on the fight against disease in Africa.  He makes excellent points about the nature … Continue reading

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What Are the World’s Most-Trafficked Wildlife?

According to short write-up in Time magazine (25 Nov 2013): Illegal animal trading is already a multibillion-dollar business, but in the wake of a bust at an airport in Thailand where authorities seized 470 protected turtles, conservationists warn that it’s on the … Continue reading

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How Do You Feel About Apes and Dolphins in Zoos?

The Institute for Ethics and Emergency Technologies recently did an non-scientific online poll related to “intelligent” animals in zoos.  Respondents were asked to respond to the following question:  “Should apes (chimps, gorillas, bonobos) and dolphins be liberated from zoos?”  Five … Continue reading

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My Brother Lars Meets with President Obama

Yesterday (19 Nov 2013), America’s nine new Nobel laureates and their spouses met briefly with President Barack Obama in the White House.  Lars Peter Hansen and his spouse, Grace Tsiang, were in attendance.  Lars is receiving the Nobel Prize for … Continue reading

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Do We Live in the Matrix?

by Allen Leigh, contributor The December 2013 issue of Discover magazine has an interesting article titled Do we Live in the Matrix? This article is of interest to Transhumanists, because many of them believe we might be living in a … Continue reading

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