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All About Me

In my autobiography, I describe myself as an introverted agnostic Mormon with anarcho-transhumanist and environmentalist tendencies. I’ve more recently described myself as a curmudgeonly cynical optimist.  But I don’t think that is completely accurate.  Check the following definitions: curmudgeon:  crusty, … Continue reading

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Gemeskut (Shadoof) in Central Romania

While traveling in central Romania, we ran across a narrow valley with shallow groundwater.  Several of the farms along the roadway had gemeskuts.  They are being used for stockwatering. The gemeskut has a history that goes back to ancient Egypt … Continue reading

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Thomas Crapper and the Word “Crap”

By Mark Forsyth (edited), excerpt from The Etymologicon What is the real relationship between Thomas Crapper and the word “crap” (or “crapper”)? Thomas Crapper was born in Yorkshire in 1836.  In 1853, a year after Edward Jennings’ patented his version of … Continue reading

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“Bad Words” Are in the News Again

The NFL is currently looking at penalizing a team when if any of their players use the n-word (15 yards for unsportsman-like conduct).  Seventy percent of the NFL is black and apparently most of the offenders are blacks trashing  talking … Continue reading

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Am I a Syncretist, an Agnostic, or Just a “None”?

The fastest growing religious category in America is “None,” or no affiliation.  I think I could be comfortable there.  Although, I generally categorize myself as an “agnostic” with a long Mormon heritage.  Even though “syncretist” has a generally negative connotation, I … Continue reading

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Are Mormons Henotheists?

In the OrthodoxWiki entry on “Theosis,” the author makes the following statement:  “The Mormons are clear promoters of henotheism, and the Church Fathers have absolutely no communality with their view.” The entry in Wikipedia on “Henotheism,” in part, reads:  “Henotheism is the … Continue reading

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What If Joseph Smith Had Lived Longer?

Near the end of his life, Joseph Smith delivered one of his most powerful eulogies:  The King Follett discourse.  In it, he further developed the Mormon theology of theosis.  According to Google (“Divination”): Mormonism teaches a very literal divination doctrine called exaltation.  In … Continue reading

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There are increasing number “trans-” words being fabricated these days, and here is a new one.  According to Chris Root, executive director of the Aperture Foundation, writing an obit for photojournalist Tim Hetherington in Time magazine (9 May 2011): Tim … Continue reading

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History of the Futuristic Word: Singularity

According to Lev Grossman writing in Time magazine (21 Feb 2011) “singularity” (noun) is defined as: The moment when technological change becomes so rapid and profound, it represents a rupture in the fabric of human history. Grossman also provides a … Continue reading

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Paul Crutzen and the Anthropocene Epoch

The following is from an article by Elizabeth Kolbert in NG (Mar 2011): The word “Anthropocene” was coined by Dutch chemist Paul Crutzen about a decade ago.  One day Crutzen, who shared a Nobel Prize for discovering the effects of … Continue reading

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