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“Bad Words” Are in the News Again

The NFL is currently looking at penalizing a team when if any of their players use the n-word (15 yards for unsportsman-like conduct).  Seventy percent of the NFL is black and apparently most of the offenders are blacks trashing  talking … Continue reading

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Am I a Syncretist, an Agnostic, or Just a “None”?

The fastest growing religious category in America is “None,” or no affiliation.  I think I could be comfortable there.  Although, I generally categorize myself as an “agnostic” with a long Mormon heritage.  Even though “syncretist” has a generally negative connotation, I … Continue reading

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Are Mormons Henotheists?

In the OrthodoxWiki entry on “Theosis,” the author makes the following statement:  “The Mormons are clear promoters of henotheism, and the Church Fathers have absolutely no communality with their view.” The entry in Wikipedia on “Henotheism,” in part, reads:  “Henotheism is the … Continue reading

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What If Joseph Smith Had Lived Longer?

Near the end of his life, Joseph Smith delivered one of his most powerful eulogies:  The King Follett discourse.  In it, he further developed the Mormon theology of theosis.  According to Google (“Divination”): Mormonism teaches a very literal divination doctrine called exaltation.  In … Continue reading

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There are increasing number “trans-” words being fabricated these days, and here is a new one.  According to Chris Root, executive director of the Aperture Foundation, writing an obit for photojournalist Tim Hetherington in Time magazine (9 May 2011): Tim … Continue reading

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History of the Futuristic Word: Singularity

According to Lev Grossman writing in Time magazine (21 Feb 2011) “singularity” (noun) is defined as: The moment when technological change becomes so rapid and profound, it represents a rupture in the fabric of human history. Grossman also provides a … Continue reading

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Paul Crutzen and the Anthropocene Epoch

The following is from an article by Elizabeth Kolbert in NG (Mar 2011): The word “Anthropocene” was coined by Dutch chemist Paul Crutzen about a decade ago.  One day Crutzen, who shared a Nobel Prize for discovering the effects of … Continue reading

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