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Bluff’s (Utah) 2016 Burnable Art

Most years just before the Winter Solstice, artists in Bluff, Utah, construct a masterpiece out of sticks and twigs.  In 2016, their burnable art was 2 large cranes.  They torched in on the solstice, Dec 20th.

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Bluff’s (Utah) Latest Flammable Work of Art

Over the last few years, at the winter solstice, the town of Bluff (southeastern Utah) torches a unique work of art.  This year they will be burning a branch-and-twig bison. I was recently in Bluff and got a glance at their latest … Continue reading

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Solstice 2013 in Bluff UT: A Burning Stone

For the 2013 Winter Solstice, Bluff UT residents constructed a “stone” out of limbs (including bamboo), bark, and grass.  Last year’s effigy was a mammoth.  Why a stone?  This years theme was “Sand . . . Water . . . … Continue reading

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Mammoth (the Animal) Event in Bluff Utah

In Bluff UT, during the winter solstice (21 Dec 2012), the town’s folk are going to burn a 16-foot-tall mammoth in effigy.  The mammoth will be burned at 8 pm in a ceremony complete with flaming spears to set the “mammoth” … Continue reading

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