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Misplaced Concern Over Playground Safety

The recently ran a headline that read:  “About 1,700 Utah elementary students injured yearly on school playgrounds, study says:  Over 3 years, enough students were injured annually to fill 24 school buses.” Nothing in life is 100 percent safe.  … Continue reading

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Homage to Allegedly “Dangerous” Playgrounds

According to website If it seems like today’s kids have gotten “softer” compared to the kids decades ago, perhaps it’s because playgrounds have gotten softer as well.  Thanks to state laws and personal injury lawyers, the landscape of the … Continue reading

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Tribute to Primatologist Jane Goodall

By Ann Patchett (Time magazine genius issue)[1] What if genius is knowing the thing you are meant to do in life, and then doing it without regard for the time it will take?  When Jane Goodall was a child in England, … Continue reading

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Crazy Old-time Playground Climber (with Ladders)

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Largest Aspen “Clone” Ever Identified Is in Central Utah

A couple of years ago, my daughter, her children, and I visited a large aspen grove in Utah’s Fishlake National Forest.  According to Erin Alberty writing for For 106 acres on the southwest bank of Fish Lake in Sevier … Continue reading

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Installing 3 Playgrounds in the Cuzco, Peru, Region

In July, my grandson James and I worked with the Cardenas-Torres family to install 3 separate playgrounds.  The first was installed at a preschool in Calca, located in Sacred Valley.  Because of limited space, we only installed a 3-seat swing … Continue reading

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Frying Pan and Other Lightships

While I was stationed in Wilmington NC with the USCGR, I came upon the Lightship Frying Pan as it was temporarily moored in Southport.  The lightship, LV-115, was the last of nine ships that served at the Frying Pan Shoals station … Continue reading

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