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Micro-loans, Kiva, and MTA

I try to spend upwards of 2 months a year in Uganda.  In fact, I’m currently in Uganda. Uganda is a very poor country.  One way to help individuals trapped in poverty is through micro-loans, loans that don’t amount to … Continue reading

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Shoebill, Africa’s Most Exotic Bird?

The day before yesterday (24 Jan 2013), I traveled to the island of Bussi (in Lake Victoria), located just off the coast of mainland Uganda.  To get to the island, we took a short trip in a primitive narrow wooden boat equipped … Continue reading

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Sister Rose, Dedicating Her Life to Helping Ugandan Orphans

I met Sister Rose several years ago, on my first visit to Uganda.  She runs an orphanage/school located 10 kilometers west of the city of Masaka (located 133 kilometers southwest of Kampala, the capital of Uganda).  She and her colleagues, … Continue reading

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Tupaia and a Map of the South Pacific

According to an article by David Dobbs in NG (Jan 2013): In the winter of 1769, the British explorer Captain James Cook, early into his first voyage across the Pacific, received from a Polynesian priest named Tupaia an astonishing gift–a … Continue reading

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A Conversation with Louise Erdrich about Native American Issues

Louise Erdrich is a half-Chippewa novelist who recent won a National Book Award for her crime novel titled:  The Round House.  The following interview is excerpted from Time (14 Jan 2013, p. 60): How much of the novel is rooted … Continue reading

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The Creation of the Earth as a Work in Progress

The following is excerpted from an article by Steven L. Peck–an evolutionary ecologist at Brigham Young University–in Sunstone (Jun 2012, p. 13): The Jewish writer Abraham Joshua Herschel writes in his book The Sabbath: “Creation, we are taught, is not … Continue reading

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A Conversation with Lonnie Thompson on Global Warming

The following is excerpted from NG (Jan 2013, p. 62): Lonnie Thompson has been climbing to mountaintop glaciers from Peru to China for the past 38 years, pulling crucial climate data from deep inside the ice.  A glacier that’s hundreds … Continue reading

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