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Aren’t There Any Black LDS Members in South Africa?

A recent article in the Deseret News proudly displayed a photograph of Elder Ronald A. Rasband of the LDS Quorum of the Twelve Apostles visiting the construction site of the new Durban South LDS Temple.  Of the 8 individuals in … Continue reading

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Why Do Successful Organizations Do Stupid Things?

By Tom Harvey (, 24 Apr 2017) “Why is it that companies at the top of their game do stupid things?” Ed Catmull, animation pioneer and co-founder of Pixar, wondered. Even in his own company, things didn’t always go well … Continue reading

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Stephen R. Covey’s Conformity Model Sucks

Years ago, I was required to attend a 3-day Stephen R. Covey workshop (taught by one of his minions). It was a followup to his highly successful 7-Habits workshop. At the time, Stephen had just been named by Time as … Continue reading

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Now Would Be a Great Time for the LDS Church to Apologize over Past Racism

With the recent racially-based shootings in Louisiana, Minnesota, and Texas, now would be an ideal time for an LDS Church apology for its past racism. The LDS Church has disavowed any scriptural basis for past discrimination: Today, the Church disavows … Continue reading

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Arrington: Four Practices I Would Like to See the LDS Church Cease

By Peggy Fletcher Stack [1] The late Mormon historian Leonard Arrington not only documented the faith’s past, he also yearned to shape its future. Gregory A. Prince’s new biography, Leonard Arrington and the Writing of Mormon History, reveals a 1990s … Continue reading

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LDS Leadership: Still a Serious Lack of Diversity

After the disappointment experienced by many members of the LDS Church over the recent choice of 3 non-diverse new apostles, the frustration continues. At the Church’s General Conference in April 2016, a new presidency of the Primary (children’s organization) was … Continue reading

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Open Message to LDS Church Leaders: It’s Time to Clean Up the Mess

The last few years have been rough ones for the LDS Church’s top leaders and PR department.  The Internet has made controlling the message impossible.  Mormon “history” is evolving into verifiable history, instead of sanitized propaganda.  And our theology has … Continue reading

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