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Book of Ecclesiastes Misinterpreted (by Me)

For years, one of the guiding principle in my life has been the Book of Ecclesiastes 11:1 (King James Version or KJV): Cast thy bread upon the waters: for thou shalt find it after many days. I took the passage … Continue reading

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Mormons and Scripture Literalism

By Farside [1] [Many Mormons are] reading the scriptures as if they were written by 21st Century Americans who were schooled in historiography and who placed a premium on getting their facts straight.  They were not and they did not. … Continue reading

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Lessons from the Book of Job

By Michael Austin (from his book Re-reading Job:  Understanding the Ancient World’s Greatest Poem) At its core, the OT Book of Job teaches us how to live.  As we peel back its layers, we find solid advice about things that matter in … Continue reading

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Suggested Actions for Members Struggling with the Recent LDS Letter on Same-sex Marriage

LDS Church leaders recently had an official letter read to the teen and adult membership reiterating the Church’s stand that marriage is an institution for one man and one woman (against Mormon gay marriages).  For those struggling with the Church’s … Continue reading

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Here We Go Again, Old Testament Biblical Dating

John P. Pratt, PhD in Astronomy (from the University of Arizona), has developed a biblical timeline back to Adam (and Eve).  His extensive “research” was recently summarized in Meridian Magazine.  And here are the dates: The Exodus:  1462 BC Great Flood: … Continue reading

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Historicity of the Book of Job: Does It Matter?

In a new book titled Re-reading Job:  Understanding the Ancient World’s Greatest Poem, the author Michael Austin devotes several pages to the issue of the historicity of Job.  At first, I thought this was a silly issue.  Of course, Job isn’t history, … Continue reading

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Drought and the Wrath of God

Here we go again.  The western United States is in a drought; does that mean that God is punishing us?  According to two Mormon prophets recently quoted in “No Death Before the Fall,” that would be a big “Yes.” Quoting … Continue reading

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