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Nobel Prize Winner Talks Economics to Logan 5th Graders

Since my brother–Lars Peter Hansen–received his Nobel Prize in economics in 2013, he has become an even more popular speaker.  On a recent visit to Utah State University to address students and faculty, he took the opportunity to interact with … Continue reading

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Homage to “Professor” Irwin Corey

Comedian/sage Irwin Corey died recently at the age of 102. I loved his act; he showed up on stage dressed like a disheveled, absent-minded professor and orated in a very sophisticated form of gibberish. Billed as “the World’s Foremost Authority,” … Continue reading

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A.J. Walker and the Trolley Square Shootings

Webmaster’s Note:  A few years ago, I spent a couple of weeks in Uganda with A.J. Walker and one of his post-shooting mentors, Tim Peters.  A.J. was a huge hit with the Ugandan children.  They loved him and he loved … Continue reading

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To Do Research or Not to Do Research

A few months ago, I road up to Rexburg ID with my son who was taking my granddaughter for the start of her freshman year at Brigham Young University – Idaho. One of the activities was the university president explaining … Continue reading

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He’s a Exemplary Mormon: Branch President George Akera

George Akera is the Branch President in Masaka, Uganda.  He hails from northern Uganda, an area that until recently was racked by a horrible and bloody insurrection.  As a result, Prez Akera served in the Ugandan military for 8 years. … Continue reading

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Homage to Mormonism’s Most Influential Theologian

Who is (or was) the most insightful observer of Mormonism and LDS doctrine?  Is it Richard Bushman?  Is it Terryl Givens?  Is it Elder Dallin Oaks?  Was it Elder Bruce McConkie?  Is it Jan Shipps?  Is it Michael Quinn?  Was … Continue reading

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Traveling with My Grandchildren

This year has been fun.  I’ve had the privilege to travel extensively with 4 of my grandchildren, and make short trips with 4 others. In the Spring, a grandson James, traveled with a friend and I to the Navajo Reservation. … Continue reading

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