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Adventures with My 100-yr-old Mother

Mother celebrated her 100th birthday in March. We had as fun party at Zion NP Lodge. Almost all of her immediate family were there. Many coming from the East Coast. Unfortunately, mom is getting increasingly unsteady on her feet. So … Continue reading

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John R. Lewis and Mormon Missions

Rep. John Lewis and I are roughly the same age; he was 5 years older. What is particularly impressive about Lewis’s life is that he became engaged in a great cause at a very young age. In August 1963, Lewis … Continue reading

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OT Book of Ecclesiastes Illustrated at Gilgal Sculptural Garden

One of the highlights of the unique Gilgal Gardens is the sculptures associated with the Old Testament Book of Ecclesiastes.  The gardens are located in the center of a block near downtown Salt Lake City (near Trolley Square). The garden … Continue reading

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Homage to LDS Women Agitators

In the last few years, women have come to the forefront in the fight to reform the LDS Church.  My list is obviously incomplete, but those listed below are the ones whose writings I frequently read and whose opinions I … Continue reading

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An Alternative Form of Worship

In the COVID-19 era, people are starting to question what a future religious service might look like.  Recent changes in LDS meetings, encourage more religious instruction in the home and less instruction in chapel lessons.  Sunday meetings have been reduced … Continue reading

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Hiking with My Grandkids (and Their Parents)

Two weekends ago (March 2020), we were in Zion National Park celebrating my mother’s 100 birthday.  (Boy have things changed)  While there, all but one of my grandchildren (the absentee was on a mission in Chuuk, Micronesia; boy have things … Continue reading

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The Week that Was; Wow

Last Friday, we headed to Springdale and Zion National Park.  Despite the COVID-19 threat, we decided to go ahead with our mother’s 100th birthday party to be held at Zion’s lodge.  Forty invitees indicated that they were still planning on … Continue reading

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Ex-Mormon Jacinda Ardern, PM Extraordinary, New Zealand

Jacinda Arden, current Prime Minister of New Zealand, was born LDS, but gave up her membership over LGBTQ+ and other issues.  She was recently recognized by Time Magazine (Dec 23&31, 2019) as a leader of influence.  Dan Stewart writes: The … Continue reading

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Traveling with 3 of My Granddaughters

In July and August of this year (2019), I traveled around the world.  On the first half of trip I traveled with 3 granddaughters and 2 of their parents.  We briefly played tourist in Hong Kong, then flew to 2 … Continue reading

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The Recent Unfortunate Experience of Lavina Fielding Anderson

Lavina Fielding Anderson was recently denied rebaptism into the Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints.  As background (from Jana Reiss): Lavina Fielding Anderson was excommunicated from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 1993.  Her excommunication was … Continue reading

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