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Environment Stuff and Mormonism

Stephen Carter has laid out several reasons (partially satirical) why Mormons don’t engage in nature writing or even in environmental discourse at large (as quoted in Dialogue (Summer 2011)).  I quote 2 reasons here: I know a lot of Mormons … Continue reading

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Transhumanism and the Optimism Bias

I occasionally describe myself as an “optimistic cynic” or a “cynical optimist.”  This may sounds a little oxymoronic . . . . but that’s the way I am wired. The cyncial part of me makes me distrust most organizations.  The optimistic part gives … Continue reading

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U2 . . . the Salt Lake City Appearance

A friend and I attended the U2 360-Tour concert Tuesday night in Rice-Eccles stadium.  It was a cool night, considering it was May 24th.  But the concert was fun and the crowd had a good time.  Everyone around me stood for … Continue reading

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Why Travel? Why not?

According to Rob Pudim writing in HCN: People travel for a lot of reasons — to lounge around and do nothing, to learn about places, to challenge themselves, “for the sake of the kids,” to bask in the envy of friends … Continue reading

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Margaret Atwood’s Creation Story

A fictional leader of a gardening sect in Margaret Atwood’s futuristic novel The Year of the Flood hits many of my peresonal beliefs about the creation right on the head: The Human Words of God speak of the Creation in … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Hotel Utah

The Hotel Utah structure, which was once one of the world’s grandest hotels, is 100 years old this year.  To celebrate, Deseret Book has published Recipes from the Roof.  The Roof being the restaurant atop the hotel.  According to the publisher’s flyer: … Continue reading

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Constructing Unique Homes in Navajoland

On Thursday, May 12th, I witnessed the designbuildBluff staff and volunteers (an ngo which constructs homes in southern Utah for Navajos) move a partially completed home from their headquarters in Bluff Ut to its final resting point in Westwater, adjacent … Continue reading

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