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8: The Mormon Proposition

I recently watched this Reed Cowen documentary.  But I don’t think that documentary is right word here.  It is more of a personal polemic.  It seems like the word documentary is frequently misused. Having said that, I enjoyed Reed’s film.  It … Continue reading

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Gaviotas, Colombia . . . Part II (Paola Lugari)

Michael Buick wrote the following about Paolo Lugari, the inspiration behind Las Gaviotas, for “Ecologist:” “Forty years ago a brilliant young dreamer, Paolo Lugari, decided that for once he wanted to see the sustainable dream made into reality, and while … Continue reading

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The Word “Qanat”

Last Friday in Delft, the Netherlands, while attending a conference of the International Water History Association, I attended a session discussing water and culture.  One of the presenters discussed the geographical distribution and evolution of one technical word (the arabic expression for water tank) as it … Continue reading

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Baha’i Uganda

On my last full day in Uganda, I visited the Baha’i temple located on the outskirts of Kampala.  It was constructed about 40 years ago on Kikaya Hill.  The temple is beautifully sited atop a knoll and is well landscaped.  … Continue reading

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Hell on Earth

Last week, while in Gulu Uganda, we needed gravel (aggregate) for our concrete mix.  We had rented a truck and our driver took us to the local supplier.  The source was a large rock (probably granite) outcrop.  All around women, … Continue reading

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Most Isolated Swing Set in Uganda

I was recently in Gulu, Uganda, an area that has only recently become safe.  At a village about 70 kilometers north of the city, a friend and I installed a swing set at a primary school that the parents are … Continue reading

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Plan of Starvation

I arrived in Uganda a little over 2 weeks ago.  I love the country, the people are very friendly and the landscape is very green.  The problem is that Uganda is a comparatively small, landlocked country located in the heart … Continue reading

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