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Comments About Mormon Missions, Part XV (Rocky Spiker)

by Heidi Hall, The Tennessean, Nov 19, 2014 NASHVILLE–Theatergoers here are getting a low-key dose of real proselytizing when they come for the sold-out Broadway tour of The Book of Mormon. Rocky Spiker–Elder Spiker to his colleagues–holds open the door as ticket … Continue reading

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Frozen and The LEGO Movie: Comments and Reviews

Last week, I took two grandsons to see The LEGO Movie and two granddaughters to see Frozen.  (In retrospect, I wish it had been the other way around.)  While I enjoyed both movies (and both got great reviews), I liked Frozen far more than I … Continue reading

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Is the Mormon PR Staff Developing a Sense of Humor?

According to David Ng writing in the LATimes (6 Sep 2012), the LDS Church has purchased advertizing space in the playbill for the LA performances of “The Book of Mormon,” a profane (but upbeat) musical that pokes fun of Mormon … Continue reading

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NBC’s “Mormons in America”: A Review

On August 23, 2012, Thursday night (10 pm EDT), NBC aired a 1-hour news show titled:  Mormons in America.  The goal of the show was to introduce Mormonism to the viewing public.  I wasn’t very comfortable with the final product, … Continue reading

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Mary Magdalene and the Role of Women in Christianity

Mary Magdalene is, by far, the most enigmatic person in the NT.  And through the ages, her image has been constantly reinvented, most recently by popular novelist Dan Brown.  But the question still remains, has she and all the Christian daughters … Continue reading

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It’s a Metaphor . . . Stupid

Well . . . the punchline to The Book of Mormon musical comes when the Ugandan villagers find out that many of the stories that a missionary with an over-active imagination has told them are not true.  The Ugandan heroine is … Continue reading

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Please Reassign Michael Otterson

I thought that the LDS Church PR department was maturing.  Unfortunately, I was wrong; a recent blog entry for the Washington Post is a case in point.  In his article, Michael Otterson, Head of Public Relations for the LDS Church, … Continue reading

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