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Second Thoughts About My Mormon Mission

In 1963, I graduated from East Lansing High School (Michigan), a white-bread community far removed from reality.  I then attended Michigan State University for a year.  After completing my first year of college, I signed up for a Mormon mission … Continue reading

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Is the New Testament a Parable?

A recent post by BHodges on reviewed the book The Power of Parable:  How Fiction by Jesus Became Fiction about Jesus.  In the book, the author John Dominic Crossan wonders if the four gospels are parables?  According to Hodges’ … Continue reading

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Apocalypse–Not Now

Tom Bartlett has an interesting post on (18 May 2012).  It concerns the followers of Harold Camping, the octogenarian whose nightly Bible call-in show caused a minor doomsday mania.  He predicted or prophecied that the world would end on … Continue reading

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Playgrounds in Developing Countries: Maintenance Issues

According to a detailed report on playgrounds in a poor section of Bangkok, Thailand, “Studies show that play has profound development benefits for children.”  J.L. Frost (2006), a prominent researcher in child development, feels strongly that: On no other educational … Continue reading

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What Are Mormonism’s Core Beliefs?

In a recent article in the SLTrib (10 May 2012), Peggy Fletcher Stack writes: In his book [Talking with Mormons:  An Invitation to Evangelicals],  [Richard] Mouw [president of the Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, Calif.] argues that understanding Mormonism isn’t … Continue reading

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Expert Backs Away from Gay “Cure”

According to Peggy Fletcher Stack writing in the SLTrib (23 May 2012): The author of a controversial 2001 study claiming that gays [can change their sexual orientation] has now disavowed his conclusions . . .  “I believe I owe the … Continue reading

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What’s a Rameumpton, Daddy?

The following is stolen in its entirety from a letter to the editor of Dialogue:  A Journal of Mormon Thought (Winter 1989).  It was written by Robert Nelson Jr. “What’s a Rameumpton, Daddy?” “Well, the Book of Mormon says it was … Continue reading

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