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Incas, Peru, and Book of Mormon Archaeology

I went to LDS sacrament meeting today.  The first speaker was a Peruvian with a heavy accent.  I’m not sure I totally understood his message, but I think he believes that the Inca archaeological ruins in his native Peru testify … Continue reading

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The Mule: A Movie Review that Analyzes Two Organizational Structures

I loved this movie.  Clint Eastwood was born to play the starring role in “The Mule.”  He is perfect as a dysfunctional, curmudgeonly senior caught in the trap of his own egoism (much like in the movie “Gran Torino).  Eastwood … Continue reading

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The Worship of Mormon Leaders

At a Stake Conference in Michigan 60+ years ago, the much revered Richard L. Evans was speaking.  About halfway through his talk, a lady in the audience stood and exclaimed that she knew he was a apostle of God because … Continue reading

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Do LDS Proselyting Missions Change Attitudes Toward the Poor?

According to David Evans at writes: In a recent research paper, economist Lee Crawfurd seeks to answer this question by comparing missionaries who served in a predominantly high-income region – Europe – with those who served in low- and middle-income … Continue reading

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Assisting Refugees on Our Southern Border

By Steven Burt ( Today, thousands of women and children are fleeing Central America and seeking asylum in the United States.  I spent the week between Christmas and New Year’s representing some of them at the South Texas Family Residential … Continue reading

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More Playground Work in the Rwenzori Mountains (Kyarumba)

In November of 2018, we traveled to the community of Kyarumba, located at the southern end of the Rwenzori Mountains in southwestern Uganda.  The reason for the visit was 2 fold:  1. install more playground equipment and 2. learn more about … Continue reading

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Easter Island’s Water Supply and the Siting of the Moais

By Jason Daley (Smithsonian Magazine) Archaeologists have figured out a lot about the moai, the giant stone heads found on Rapa Nui or Easter Island, a tiny dot of land in the Pacific Ocean administered by Chile. They know what quarries … Continue reading

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