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Atheists: Borrowing from Religion?

Atheist Alain de Bottom has written a new book titled:  Religion for Atheists:  A Non-Believer’s Guide to the Uses of Religion.  His premise is that religion stripped of the supernatural has elements to offer atheists; that there are some things that … Continue reading

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Dilemmas of a “Jack” Mormon

I have 3 married children and 11 grandchildren.  All are active in the LDS Church.  All 3 children were married in the temple, and between the 3 and their spouses, 4 have been on missions.  One of my sons teaches early morning seminary … Continue reading

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Brain Cripplers in Sub-Saharan Africa

There is an excellent article about mental health issues in Africa at  The article, by Hank Pellissier, is titled:  “Six Brain-Damage Scourges that Cripple IQ in Sub-Saharan Africa.”  It is a must read for people with an interest in social justice … Continue reading

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Short Videos on the World’s Water Crisis

There are 4 excellent short videos on the Internet discussing the world’s water crisis.  They are titled: The Future of Water:  Fidelity analyst Anna Davydova breaks down the facts and discusses what lies ahead. Water Changes Everything:  This video explores how we … Continue reading

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LRA, Joseph Kony, and Invisible Children

According to Time magazine (25 Mar 2012), the advocacy group Invisible Children recently hit the big time: On March 5, a San Diego-based advocacy group called Invisible Children released a 29-minute film on the Internet called Kony 2012.  Invisible Children called … Continue reading

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Anthropocene Epoch: The Age of Man

According to a Time magazine section (12 Mar 2012) titled “10 ideas that are changing your life,” it is possible that we are no longer living in the Holocene epoch: Human activity now shapes the earth more than any other independent geologic or … Continue reading

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