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Paint It Black

Forty years ago in Madrid’s Prado Art Museum, I discovered the early 19th-century Black Paintings of Francisco Jose de Goya y Lucientes (Goya).  They were deeply disturbing, but also incredibly intriguing.  I wondered about their message and their meaning.  Why had he … Continue reading

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Ecclesiastes, Nothing New Under the Sun

There is great philosophy, writing, and word play in the Bible.  I’m personally fond of the Old Testiment Book of Ecclesiastes, thought to have been written around 200 BC.  It is a wonderful read because of the author’s exceptional command … Continue reading

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From Here to Eternity

The King Follett Discourse, delivered by Joseph Smith in the latter part of his life, has always been a favorite doctrinal exposition of mine.  But recently the Mormon Church has backed away from some the doctrine elucidated in Smith’s funeral address.  … Continue reading

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