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Star Trek Into Darkness, A Short Movie Review

I need to get this out of the way first:  Star Trek Into Darkness is a major disappointment for reasons I will discuss below.  To waste all of this money on special effects and all the potential of the Star Trek franchise is … Continue reading

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The Institutional LDS Church

The following was written by RJH for a recent post on bcc.  It concisely makes very important points about what it means to be Christain and, in particular, a LDS Church member.  Under the heading “Have concern for people,” RJH writes (with a … Continue reading

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Transhumanism and Two 2013 Spring LDS Conference Talks

Conference talks (Spring 2013) by two General Authorities–Elder Richard G. Scott and Elder Jeffery R. Holland–address issues important to Mormon scientists and transhumanists. During the Saturday afternoon session, Elder Scott made the following observation: You live in a world where technological … Continue reading

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Two Days with LDS Humanitarian Missionaries

In the Siem Reap region of Cambodia, I recently spent a short time shadowing LDS humanitarian missionaries–Brother and Sister Kohls–and a short-term specialist engineer (and his wife).  It was a very enlightening two days. On the first day, we spent the entire day visiting … Continue reading

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Constructing Swing Sets in Cambodia

One of the joys I have in life is constructing swing sets in rural areas in developing countries.  So far, my colleagues and I have installed over 20 swing sets in four countries, the lastest being Cambodia. Recently, a friend was … Continue reading

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More Ways for LDS Women to Be Empowered

In a very thought-provoking article in Sunstone (Mar 2013), Michael J. Stevens suggests two ways that LDS women could be more involved with the actual administration of Wards and Branches: have women start filling the positions of ward clerk and Sunday School … Continue reading

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A Conversation with Global-Health Activist Paul Farmer

The following conversation is taken from Time magazine (13 May 2013).  Dr. Paul Farmer, a Harvard professor and global-health expert, is the founder of the NGO “Partners in Health” and the subject of the bestselling book Mountains Beyond Mountains. You say … Continue reading

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