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Evolution and Evangelicals

There is movement within the Evangelical community toward a more positive attitude toward science, and evolution in particular.  Dr. Francis S. Collins, former head of the Human Genome Project and devoutly conservative Christian, in his book The Language of God (2007) makes a … Continue reading

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Being Totally Honest About Our Mormon Mission Experiences

Yesterday (Saturday), I attended a session of the SLC Sunstone Symposium titled:  “Sin of Omission:  Spinning the Missionary Experience.”   The presenter, John K. Williams, had gone to Bolivia on his mission.  According his Sunstone abstract: An LDS mission is commonly called “the best two years’ … Continue reading

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What Color Was Christ?

This website–Tired Road Warrior–has on several occasions urged the LDS Church to develop a more universally acceptable image of Christ.  The church almost always uses a pale, blue-eyed Jesus dressed in white robes.  This Scandanavian version of Christ is becoming less … Continue reading

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Traveling in Africa with My Granddaughter

I recently spent a month in Uganda with my granddaughter.  It was a great experience for both of us (I hope).  My granddaughter turned 14 while we were traveling. Six months before I was scheduled to go to Africa, I … Continue reading

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Mormons Living in Developing Countries

Much of the LDS Church’s future growth will be in developing (think 3rd world) countries.  Particular hot spots are Africa, South America, and the Philippines.  A few years ago, a young man working for LDS Humanitarian Services indicated that with the rapid … Continue reading

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LDS Church Humanitarian Activities

A recent article by Caroline Winters in Businessweek has reenergized the issue of LDS Church finances.  Most commenters on the article–those critical of the church–make two important points:  (1) the LDS Church needs full disclosure on how much money it … Continue reading

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Creation is a Process, Not an Event

The following is an exerpt from an article titled Reverencing Creation by Steven L. Peck (Sunstone, June 2012): . . . The Jewish writer Abraham Joshua Heschel writes in his book The Sabbath: “Creation, we are taught, is not a … Continue reading

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Wild Animals and Close Encounters

I recently spent an hour observing wild gorillas from a few feet away.  In fact, one gorilla got so close to me that he was able to chew on a shirt I had wrapped around my waist.  It was a … Continue reading

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Ugandan Locals to My Rescue

On the first half of my gorilla trek (see previous entry), I struggled.  It was hot and humid.  I was perspiring heavily.  Once we were near the canyon bottom, there was a lot of steep up-and-downs.  I almost didn’t make … Continue reading

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Ugandan Gorillas, WOW

Yesterday, July 14th, my granddaughter and I–along with 2 friends–went on a Ugandan gorilla trek.  WOW.  This is one travel day that I will never forget. We started our trek in the mountains west of Kabale, located in southern Uganda.  … Continue reading

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