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Innovative Design for a Swing/Seesaw Combination

At a park in St. George UT, there is an innovative design for a swing set that functions like both a swing and a teeter totter (seesaw).  It is the product of the German firm Berliner Seilfabrik. Unfortunately, the St. … Continue reading

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Romney’s Warmongering and Xenophobia Reposted on a LDS Website

Recently the Meridian Magazine re-posted (16 Nov 2016) an op-ed piece from the Washington Post promoting war and xenophobia.  The original article was written by Mitt Romney, Mormonism’s most famous member. Now is the time, not merely to contain the Islamic State, but … Continue reading

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Outdoor “Talking Circles” with Benches

At a Navajo grade school in Aneth UT, benches are arranged to provide “talking circles” for use in outdoor educational and social activities: The talking circles at the Aneth school were designed by a landscape architect with the U.S. Bureau … Continue reading

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The Recent Tragedy in Paris and the LDS Church

I served 2-1/2-years in the LDS Franco-Belgian Mission in the 1960s.  While it wasn’t spiritual experience that I had hoped for, it was a wonderful introduction to France and french culture.  In many respects I was converted to absurdism, the … Continue reading

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Interesting Sites In the Northern Navajo Reservation

Over the weekend, my family and I visited two fun locations in the Navajo Nation. Just south of Montezuma Creek UT, near Gothic Mesa, is a site full of phantasmagorical geological formations, similar but more imaginative than those in Utah’s … Continue reading

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More Playground Equipment Installed in Navajoland

Last week (Nov 5 and 6), a friend, BYU volunteers, and I worked on several playground projects in the northern Navajo Nation. At a Christian preschool in Montezuma Creek, UT, we installed a combination swing-and-slide set.  The ladder section was … Continue reading

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LDS Church Makes Donation to Aid Middle East Refugees

According to an official news release, the LDS Church has made a $5 million contribution to aid the refugees pouring into Europe from the Middle East.  The funds will go toward emergency supplies, clothing, blankets, food and many other resources … Continue reading

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