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Escher-esque Architecture

M.C. Escher’s work has fascinated viewers for decades.  According to the Escher website: He played with architecture, perspective and impossible spaces. His art continues to amaze and wonder millions of people all over the world. In his work we recognize … Continue reading

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The Real Jesus and Mary Magdalene

In this blog, I’ve argued for a more realistic depiction of Christ.   Mary Todd Grey on provides a stark, but unquestionably realistic, description of Jesus and his living conditions: As far as the world’s opinion of what constitutes greatness, … Continue reading

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Wayfarers Chapel in Rancho Palos Verdes in California

According to Daniel Peterson, an impressive place to visit is Wayfarers Chapel in southern California: [If you can’t have Frank Lloyd Wright design your celestial home], there’s always his son, Lloyd Wright (1890-1978), who himself wasn’t too bad.  Among other … Continue reading

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Brilliance of Frank Lloyd Wright

By Daniel Peterson (sic et non) In my youth, I had a passing desire to be an architect.  The principal factor that dissuaded me from that ambition was my utter and absolute lack of any relevant talent. My main inspiration … Continue reading

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Joseph Paul Vorst Exhibit at the LDS Church History Museum

The current exhibit at the LDS Church History Museum needs to be supported.  It presents the works of Joseph Paul Vorst (1897-1947): Vorst presented sharecroppers, black laborers and farm families as destitute and downtrodden, but also ennobled by faith and … Continue reading

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Anxiety, Depression, and Mental Illness in Fine Art

At times, we all wonder about our mental health.  When I see someone who is obviously struggling with life and sanity, I think:  There but by the grace of God go I.  Perhaps that is why I relate to illustration … Continue reading

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Bluff’s (Utah) 2016 Burnable Art

Most years just before the Winter Solstice, artists in Bluff, Utah, construct a masterpiece out of sticks and twigs.  In 2016, their burnable art was 2 large cranes.  They torched in on the solstice, Dec 20th.

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