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Misplaced Concern Over Playground Safety

The recently ran a headline that read:  “About 1,700 Utah elementary students injured yearly on school playgrounds, study says:  Over 3 years, enough students were injured annually to fill 24 school buses.” Nothing in life is 100 percent safe.  … Continue reading

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Homage to Allegedly “Dangerous” Playgrounds

According to website If it seems like today’s kids have gotten “softer” compared to the kids decades ago, perhaps it’s because playgrounds have gotten softer as well.  Thanks to state laws and personal injury lawyers, the landscape of the … Continue reading

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Crazy Old-time Playground Climber (with Ladders)

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Installing 3 Playgrounds in the Cuzco, Peru, Region

In July, my grandson James and I worked with the Cardenas-Torres family to install 3 separate playgrounds.  The first was installed at a preschool in Calca, located in Sacred Valley.  Because of limited space, we only installed a 3-seat swing … Continue reading

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What Is an LDS Spiritual Experience?

Even on “liberal” Mormon blogs, it is not uncommon for posters and commenters to mention that they have had deeply spiritual experiences.  Experiences that reaffirm their faith in the Church.  Occasionally, making it difficult when they start to question church … Continue reading

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Wooden Playground in Barney Castle Garden, Ireland

There is a small playground mostly made of wooden poles on the Blarney Castle grounds.  (No I did not kiss the Barney Stone.  But near the stone, I took a dive and sprained by knee and bruised my hip.  I … Continue reading

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Playground Structure: Reciprocating Snake

The below reciprocating snake structure was observed in a playground in Kildare, Ireland: This structure might be a great addition to a playground area with a lot of space.

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