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Utah’s Tribute to the “Golden Ratio”

Earlier this month, a friend and I were driving back to Provo by way of Green River UT.  Near the western I-70 exit at Green River, in a prominent location, is a 4-story high stack of giant blocks.  My first reaction was … Continue reading

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How Liberal and Conservative Mormons Think

According to Peggy Fletcher Stack writing in the SLTrib (28 Apr 2011): In his book “Moral Politics:  How Liberal and Conservatives Think,”  George Lakoff describes the two camps using separate metaphors.  The best metaphor for the conservative world view, Lakoff writes, is … Continue reading

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The Works (or Icons) of Carl Bloch

Carl Bloch Altarpiece at BYU Exhibit The most recent Ensign (Apr 2011) has a six page photo spread of the current Carl Bloch:  Reaching Toward Heaven exhibit at the BYU Museum of Art. According to the Ensign: Nine years in … Continue reading

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David Brooks on Mormonism (and Conservative Religion in General)

I have always enjoyed David Brooks’ political commentary on the Friday PBS nightly news . . . even though I’m politically liberal.  He represents the “right” (but not necessarily the “Tea Party”) very admirally with his cogent comments.  In a … Continue reading

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Ugandan Coffee

Depressing factoid of the day: $0.66:  The amount earned by the average Ugandan coffee farmer for every $100 spent on retail coffee purchases in Western countries. Source:  Time (26 Apr 2011) perhaps citing work from George Mason University.

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Please Reassign Michael Otterson

I thought that the LDS Church PR department was maturing.  Unfortunately, I was wrong; a recent blog entry for the Washington Post is a case in point.  In his article, Michael Otterson, Head of Public Relations for the LDS Church, … Continue reading

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Heaven on Earth

According to Jon Meacham, a Pulitzer Prize winning author who is one of America’s foremost thinkers on the role of religion in public life, writing in Time magazine (25 Apr 2011), there is a new rebellion in conservative Christiandom (Evangelicals).  … Continue reading

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Reworking the “Word of Wisdom”

Revelations, like the Mormon “Word of Wisdom,” need to be updated from time to time.  This need is brought about by constantly improving scientific information about the human relationship with food and drugs, and the wider number of substances available to use and abuse. It should … Continue reading

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Losing Our Privacy

I recently wrote a blog piece for the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies on their website ( dealing with the loss of personal privacy.  It can be read and commented on at: If you are so inclined, you can also … Continue reading

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Sandra Postel on Freshwater Management

The following is a quote from an essay by Sandra Postel, an NG Freshwater Fellow, from the book Written in Water (edited by Irene Salina): Is there honest hope for a water-secure world, one in harmony with earth’s life-giving water … Continue reading

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