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Utah’s Tribute to the “Golden Ratio”

Earlier this month, a friend and I were driving back to Provo by way of Green River UT.  Near the western I-70 exit at Green River, in a prominent location, is a 4-story high stack of giant blocks.  My first reaction was … Continue reading

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How Liberal and Conservative Mormons Think

According to Peggy Fletcher Stack writing in the SLTrib (28 Apr 2011): In his book “Moral Politics:  How Liberal and Conservatives Think,”  George Lakoff describes the two camps using separate metaphors.  The best metaphor for the conservative world view, Lakoff writes, is … Continue reading

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The Works (or Icons) of Carl Bloch

Carl Bloch Altarpiece at BYU Exhibit The most recent Ensign (Apr 2011) has a six page photo spread of the current Carl Bloch:  Reaching Toward Heaven exhibit at the BYU Museum of Art. According to the Ensign: Nine years in … Continue reading

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David Brooks on Mormonism (and Conservative Religion in General)

I have always enjoyed David Brooks’ political commentary on the Friday PBS nightly news . . . even though I’m politically liberal.  He represents the “right” (but not necessarily the “Tea Party”) very admirally with his cogent comments.  In a … Continue reading

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Ugandan Coffee

Depressing factoid of the day: $0.66:  The amount earned by the average Ugandan coffee farmer for every $100 spent on retail coffee purchases in Western countries. Source:  Time (26 Apr 2011) perhaps citing work from George Mason University.

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Please Reassign Michael Otterson

I thought that the LDS Church PR department was maturing.  Unfortunately, I was wrong; a recent blog entry for the Washington Post is a case in point.  In his article, Michael Otterson, Head of Public Relations for the LDS Church, … Continue reading

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Heaven on Earth

According to Jon Meacham, a Pulitzer Prize winning author who is one of America’s foremost thinkers on the role of religion in public life, writing in Time magazine (25 Apr 2011), there is a new rebellion in conservative Christiandom (Evangelicals).  … Continue reading

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