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Group Think Enhancement

In this increasing complex world, group collaborations have become almost a necessity for many activies.  In a paper published in Science (2010), Anita Williams Woolley and her pals report two discoveries: There is something called “collective intelligence,” or group IQ (They … Continue reading

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Dorothy Deasy on Technology

Dorothy Dease, a friend and freelance design researcher living in Olympia WA, just had an essay published at (Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies).  The article is titled:  “Will we be like those blind chickens?” She recently had a second article published … Continue reading

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Pessimistic . . . Why?

Why is pessimism–and even fatalism–so prevalent in conservative religions today?  For example, in a recent LDS publication (Ensign; Mar 2011) is the subheading:  “As the world continues to grow more wicked, . . .” I believe that part of what drives this … Continue reading

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Michael Kelsey . . .

When by twin sons were growing up in the late ’80s, we enjoyed Michael Kelsey guidebooks.  They were a great source of information about hiking on the Colorado River Plateau, particularly in the region’s celestial slots. We learned early that Kelsey was in … Continue reading

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Lighting Up Diablo Canyon, Arizona

According an article by Cindy Yurth in the Navajo Times (22 Dec 2011): [Paula] Curtis is the first beneficiary of the Plateau Solar Project, a partnership between Navajo nonprofit IINA Solutions, Mark Snyder Electric and Global Solar Water Power Systems. … Continue reading

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History of India’s Stepwells

from Natural History (May 2003) by Morna Livingston In southwestern Gujarat (India), in the late 6th and eartly 7th centuries AD, anonymous masons dug deep trenches into the earth to reach dependable, year-round groundwater.  Building upward, they lined the walls … Continue reading

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Container Home

From a magazine I picked up in The Netherlands:

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