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Two Paradigms

by Allen Leigh, contributor One thing that has been discussed in this blog is whether or not the scriptures should be interpreted literally. Persons who subscribe to a scientific view of the universe disagree with persons who subscribe to a … Continue reading

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LDS Ensign: Mixing Myth with Fact

The Ensign magazine has a disturbing habit of mixing doctrine and history with allegory.  For most non-fundamentalist Christians, much of the Old Testament, particularly the Book of Genesis, is considered to be myths.  The Torah doesn’t work on any level, be it archaeological, … Continue reading

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A One-Question Interview with Lars Peter Hansen, Nobel Prize Winner

The Winter 2014 Utah State magazine has a short article about Lars Peter Hansen, a USU alumni and recent recipient of the Nobel Prize in Economics: Question (USU):  What one paper or abstract that you’ve authored would you most like read and understood … Continue reading

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Solstice 2013 in Bluff UT: A Burning Stone

For the 2013 Winter Solstice, Bluff UT residents constructed a “stone” out of limbs (including bamboo), bark, and grass.  Last year’s effigy was a mammoth.  Why a stone?  This years theme was “Sand . . . Water . . . … Continue reading

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It’s Nobel Prize Day

It’s Tuesday, December 10, 2013, and it’s Nobel Prize day.  We had the morning open.  I walked over to the Nobel Museum and purchased some gifts for my colleagues in the Provo.  Then I walked back to my hotel room … Continue reading

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Nobel Lectures by 2013 Economic Prize Recipients

This afternoon in Stockholm, I attended 3 30-minute lectures presented by the Nobel Prize laureates in economics.  Given the recipients, I had expected some fireworks, but we didn’t get any until the last presentation.  Do the differences in ideas between … Continue reading

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My Op-ed Piece in the SL Tribune in Praise of Public Education

I recently wrote an op-ed piece for the Salt Lake Tribune (3 Dec 2013).  It’s written in praise of my brother’s (Lars Peter Hansen’s) public education.  A portion of the piece also appeared on a blog site (Motherlode) at

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Faceless in Gulu, Uganda

There is currently an fascinating exhibition at The Walther Collection Project Space in New York City.  It is a collection of 90 studio portraits retrieved by photographer Martina Bacigalupo from the Gulu Real Art Studio in Gulu, Uganda.  Interestingly enough, … Continue reading

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A Conversation with Primatologist Jane Goodall

In 2010, Jane Goodall, the world famous primatologist who revolutionized our understanding of animal behavior, celebrated the 50th anniversary of her pioneering research among the wild chimpanzees in what it today Tanzania’s Gombe Stream National Park. The following conversation is … Continue reading

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