Solstice 2013 in Bluff UT: A Burning Stone

For the 2013 Winter Solstice, Bluff UT residents constructed a “stone” out of limbs (including bamboo), bark, and grass.  Last year’s effigy was a mammoth.  Why a stone?  This years theme was “Sand . . . Water . . . Stone.”  According to the official Bluff City website:

At the 2012 Bluff Winter Solstice, a mammoth sculpture was burned to commemorate a mammoth petroglyph discovered near the San Juan River.  During the recent Bluff Arts Festival, local artist Joe Pachak and arts festival volunteers, built a new sculpture which is scheduled for burning on December 21st.  The 2013 sculpture represents the theme of the 2013 Bluff Arts Festival, “Sand, Water, Stone.”

According to Joe, the sculpture begins with a pyramid form which fits inside a sphere.  The sphere fits inside a cube.  And, a spiral form goes around the cube.  When the sculpture burns, it represents erosion and has movement like water as the layers peel off.

On December 19th, I was in Bluff and witnessed Joe and his partner J.R. Lancaster putting the final touches on the sculptural piece.  It didn’t have the character of last years mammoth; it was more of a modern piece.

"Sand . . . Water . . . Stone" Ready to Be Torched.

“Sand . . . Water . . . Stone” Ready to Be Torched.

It was successfully burned on the Winter 2013 Solstice.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t there.  Maybe next year.  Who need the Burning Man? Bluff UT has the Burning Mammoth and the Burning Stone.

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