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“Parallels and Convergences,” the Book is Now Available

Two years ago, there was conference held in Claremont, California, dealing with the intersection of religion (mostly Mormonism) and engineering.  Many of the participants were members of the Mormon Transhumanist Association.  As a result of that conference, a compilation of the … Continue reading

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James Lovelock . . . Part II

James Lovelock’s theory of Gaia–first proposed in the late 1960s, which argues that the earth is best understood as a superorganism that is, in some sense, “alive”–is no longer dismissed as New Age quackery.  But recently, Lovelock has evolved from … Continue reading

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Sevier River: Evolving Toward Sentience

The first river basin in Utah to move toward sentience is the Sevier River Basin. In the 1990s, the Sevier River Water Users Association (SRWUA) with an assist from the Bureau of Reclamation, began a systematic program to instrument and … Continue reading

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