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Curses . . . Here We Go Again

In Tuesday’s The Washington Post are the musings of BYU associate professor Randy Bott trying to justify the LDS Church’s historic Black priesthood ban.  Bott makes an ass out of himself and embarasses the Church.  His comments are based on … Continue reading

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Threat of Fundamentalism (All Varieties)

According to Calvin R. Petersen, retired psychologist living in SLC, fundamentalism of all varieties (including conservative Mormonism) presents a great danger (sltrib, 25 Feb 2012): Fundamentalism in all its permutations is a reactionary response to modernity and rapid social change.  … Continue reading

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“Parallels and Convergences,” the Book is Now Available

Two years ago, there was conference held in Claremont, California, dealing with the intersection of religion (mostly Mormonism) and engineering.  Many of the participants were members of the Mormon Transhumanist Association.  As a result of that conference, a compilation of the … Continue reading

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Baptism for the Dead: An Insider’s Perspective

Michael Nielsen had an excellent op-ed piece in the sltrib (26 Feb 2012) discussing the LDS Church’s obsession with doing ordinances for the dead.  The subject has been in the news alot lately because of Jewish objections to proxy baptisms … Continue reading

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Christianity as a Hammer

According to Robert Kirby writing in the sltrib (23 Feb 2012): I love humanity.  You can’t beat us for mindless entertainment.  We’re like a huge reality show.  Every evening, the Lord kicks back, turns on “World’s Dumbest Creations” and shakes … Continue reading

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Noteworthy Mormon Stuff

An article in the City Guide 2012 (a publication of City Weekly) by Kathleen Curry and Geoff Griffin titled “Mormon stuff that doesn’t suck:  just because it’s a Mormon idea doesn’t mean it’s lame” lists 5 noteworthy Mormon things.  One of these is … Continue reading

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The Shallowness of Some Contemporary Christians

The following is an exerpt from Richard Beck writing for “Sojourners” (12 Dec 2011): The trouble with contemporary Christianity is that a massive bait and switch is going on.  “Christianity” has essentially become a mechanism for allowing millions of people … Continue reading

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