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Biram Dah Abeid: Mauritania’s Antislavery Crusader

by Aiden McQuade, Director of Anti-Slavery International [1] Biram Dah Abeid was just 8 when he became aware of slavery in his home country of Mauritania [locate in northwestern Africa below Morocco].  He saw a defenseless youth being beaten by … Continue reading

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New President at BYU-Idaho: Another Opportunity Lost

Elder Dallin H. Oaks recently announced that Henry J. Eyring will be the next President of BYU-Idaho. This would have been a great opportunity to diversify LDS Church leadership.  Was a woman even considered?  Was a non-white considered?  Was someone … Continue reading

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A Little Christmas Cynicism

I went to church on Christmas Day because the children and Ward choirs were performing.  Hearing them sing is always a pleasant experience. Getting dressed for church is always problematic.  What should I wear?  A white shirt is out.  No … Continue reading

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Stephen R. Covey’s Conformity Model Sucks

Years ago, I was required to attend a 3-day Stephen R. Covey workshop (taught by one of his minions). It was a followup to his highly successful 7-Habits workshop. At the time, Stephen had just been named by Time as … Continue reading

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Women Dominate a Mormon Baptism, Except . . .

Recently I attended the baptism of a granddaughter.  It was memorable, not only because it was my granddaughter, but also because of maximum participation by women (and girls).  All three pre-baptism talks were given by women:  the Primary President, a … Continue reading

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Responsibility of Membership in the LDS Church

If we agree that our religious leaders–prophets, popes, archbishops, rabbis–are fallible, we must deal with the issue of:  What are our responsibilities when we believe they have erred?  This is a particularly cogent issue when a religion believes in personal … Continue reading

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Mormons and Scripture Literalism

By Farside [1] [Many Mormons are] reading the scriptures as if they were written by 21st Century Americans who were schooled in historiography and who placed a premium on getting their facts straight.  They were not and they did not. … Continue reading

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