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Mormons and Post-mortality

I’m getting increasingly concerned that the LDS Church is backing off its belief in eternal progression and the ultimate endgame of post-mortal existence.  The following critique of The Book of Mormon musical by Hal Boyd is a case in point … Continue reading

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The Power of Negative Space

As I´ve grown older, I´ve come to appreciate the value of negative space.  For example, as you enter the building where I work, there are 2 very large display panels (or bulletin boards).  They are both filled to capacity with … Continue reading

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The Case for Geoengineering Research

I recently wrote a blog piece for the Institute of Ethics and Emerging Technologies ( on the need for geoengineering research.  It can be read and commented on at If you are so inclined, you can also comment on … Continue reading

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Paul and Lorna Larsen . . . Modern-day Johnny Appleseeds

The article is taken from the College of Agriculture Alumni Newsletter (Spring 2011) and was written by Courtney Rhodes: Traditionally, when the average person retires he or she settles down to a slow, relaxing lifestyle.  However, Paul Larsen and his … Continue reading

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Lars Peter Hansen . . . Award Winner

For information about Lars’s Nobel Prize click here.  Below is an article about an earlier award. My youngest brother, by seven years, has just won a prestigious international economic’s award: The BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Award in the Economics, Finance … Continue reading

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Can Mormons Handle a Mormon President?

In a recent handicapping (in Time magazine) of candidates for the Republican nomination for President, Mitt Romney finished first (50 percent chance) and Jon Huntsman Jr. second (22 percent).  So according to one pundit, there is a 72 percent chance that … Continue reading

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Evolution Revolution

A UofU anthropologist has written a new book explaining and supporting Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection.  His book, The Evidence for Evolution, was released this month by the University of Chicago Press.  Acccording to the author Alan … Continue reading

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Please Mute Michael Otterson

Michael Otterson, head of the public affairs for the LDS Church, continues to head in strange directions.  His recent response to Warren Cole Smith in a blog posted on the Washington Post’s website is a case in point. Smith makes … Continue reading

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Are Gays Really a Threat to the Family?

In a carefully worded article titled “Defending the Family in a Troubled World” in the Ensign (June 2011), Elder Bruce D. Porter (of the Seventy) writes in the second paragraph of his article: We also know that gender, as declared … Continue reading

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Save Utah’s “Spiral Jetty”

I’ve visited Robert Smithson’s “Spirit Jetty” on 3 separate occcasions.  It is an enigmatic spot to visit, located on the northeast shore of the Great Salt Lake south of Promontory Point.  The jetty is, according to Glen Warchol writing in the SLTrib … Continue reading

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